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Bansbari, Kathmandu, Nepal
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About US

Get Paper Industry, A Hand Made Paper Products Cooperative, is a handmade paper and paper products making unit. It uses waste materials like cotton rags, waste paper, agriculture waste like banana fibers, straw and water hyacinth. The production process is environmentally friendly and paper drying is based on sun light. There is water treatment plant to process waste water.

Get Paper Industry is established as a handmade paper company in 1985 as General Paper Industry. It used to use Lokta plant as a raw material. After building relation with The Body Shop in 1988, GPI learnt about the recycling technique from the Consultants of The Body Shop. It was with the help of Mara Amat and Sam Roddick, daughter of Dame Anita Roddick OBE and Gordon Roddick of The Body Shop International that GPI learnt about production of recycled paper and paper products.

After learning about recycling technique, GPI became a fair trade supplier (that time known as Trade Not Aid Supplier) of The Body Shop International in 1989. As a result the number of people working in the company increased from 14 during 1989 to 117 in 1993. From 2005, GPI is constituted as a cooperative with all the staff as members of the cooperative.

Get Paper Industry has been recognized for its operation and activity.

•    National Business Excellence Award 2013, awarded by Federation of Nepalese Chamber and Commerce.
•    5th Mohammed Islam Artisan Recognition Awards, Best range of products in category of home wares 2009, awarded by World Fair Trade Organization
•    Best Exporter of the Year, 2003/2004, awarded by Nepal Chamber of Commerce Nepal.
•    Best Exporter of the Year, 2001/2002, awarded by Handicraft Association of Nepal.
•    Best Exporter of the Year, 2000/2001, awarded by Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce Nepal.
•    1998 Award for Business Excellence In Response To HIV/AIDS, awarded by Global Business council.
•    Best Industry Award for Environmental Concern 1995 3rd Prize, awarded by Save the Environment Foundation

Our Inspiration :

Our organization is inspired by the words and vision of Dame Anita Roddick OBE, the founder of The Body Shop International to move forward to make ourselves socially responsible and environmentally friendly organization.

The mission of the cooperative is to carry out traditional handmade paper crafts of Nepal in a commercial as well as environmentally sustainable manner providing employment opportunities mainly for women, contributing to the social development issues of Nepal mainly in girl’s education, AIDS awareness, and development of sustainable methods of Nepalese handmade paper production and supporting some other income generating activities.

The company adopts fair trade practices following Fair Trade Policies of World Fair Trade Organization, Community Fair Trade Guidelines of The Body Shop International fulfilling its social and environmental responsibilities.

To contribute significantly development of handmade paper and its product in terms of raw material, new products and its marketing with active involvement of the people working in the cooperative. Cooperative will try to be socially active utilizing its profit mainly for girl’s education, AIDS awareness and support to make the handmade paper sustainable in Nepal